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Welcome to Our Public Adjuster Company. When your home has been damaged by fire, a hurricane, water, or other catastrophes, getting assistance is urgent. Contrary to popular belief, your insurance policy won’t always be able to help you out in these horrible situations. As with many insurance claims, property damage claims are an uphill battle. With the help of home insurance adjusters at Molina & Rangel Associates, there is light at the end of the tunnel! We strive to provide you with flawless execution of your claim, so that you no longer have to worry. We understand that the insurance claim process can be daunting and often intimidating, but we are here to help from start to finish.

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Using our expertise, we have helped many clients overcome frustrating situations where they felt helpless and instead provided them the benefits of a properly executed insurance claim. Our professionalism has defined us and we have obtained a solid reputation in the public adjuster’s community. For years, we have made our customers’ satisfaction our highest priority. When you hire Molina & Rangel Associates as your public adjusters , we guarantee you will be satisfied. Contact us today for claims assistance!

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When we first created Molina & Rangel Associates, our goal was to provide clients the correct execution of the insurance claims process. We hear it all the time — our clients invested in an insurance policy and did not receive any compensation after the damage to their homes. Despite the time-consuming piles of papers and folders, countless interviews, and hours wasted, their claims usually ended in the minimum amount of compensation possible in the best case scenario. After noticing a pattern of general hopelessness and frustration in many people, we made it our mission to become a reliable, trustworthy service to help people get the compensation they deserved.

Public adjusters at Molina and Rangel have a vibrant energy and a solid knowledge of insurance companies’ procedures and legal terminology — we can find the best opportunities even in the worse scenarios. We make it a priority to always support our clients, which means taking our mission seriously and embracing every task with a positive attitude. No matter the size of the claim, we are here to help you get compensation. Contact our team of professionals at Molina & Rangel Associates today for success with your property damage claims.

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Proud member of FAPIA

Proud member of FAPIA

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