Progressive insurance claims: How do I file a claim?

insurance claims:

How do I file a claim?

Progressive is a versatile insurance company that provides a range of options for preserving and recovering your property in case of an accident.

This insurance company offers protection for vehicles (from cars, motorcycles and boats to RVs, snowmobiles and even segways), home and property, and others (health, business, home financing and more).

This insurer provides his services in New York, Ohio and Texas. In case you, your family or your property have been involved in an accident, you need to follow a procedure to receive proper remuneration from your mishap.

This insurer allows for filing claims online and the chance to keep track of their progress through a mobile app and web service, which makes their platform very flexible and convenient. Another option to file a claim include phone through the contact number 1-800-776-4737.

You will be able to receive guidance and provide information about your accident on any platform you prefer.

While the process of filing a claim may seem simple and quick, there is a chance you can miss filing a particular piece of information. A small detail could represent a game changer to get your claim approved and receive the compensation you deserve.

Our public adjusters at Molina Rangel are highly experienced dealing with claims from this insurance provider and we will be pleased to lend you a helping hand in the process.

The first step is understanding the process properly and knowing some of the implications surrounding it.

If you ever get involved in an accident, the priority is your own and your family’s safety. In the case of a car accident, and there are visible injuries you must contact emergency services immediately.

Wait for the help to arrive at the site before moving yourself or anyone involved in the accident depending on the severity of the injuries.

Avoid moving someone who is seriously injured, provided they are not in immediate danger.

If there are no major injuries sustained, you need to reach safety without moving anything from the place of the accident.

It is very important that you do not move your vehicle from its final position on your own, as it will be crucial for understanding and proving the fault in the accident.

No matter if it is a fender bender or a major collision, calling the police should be a priority too.

Some states require a police report to be included in filing a claim and even if it is not required, an official report will be of great assistance in the process of filing your claim regardless of fault.

In case of theft, a record of your belongings is always helpful. Any receipts or proofs of purchase, pictures or other visual evidence of your property, and a detailed list of your stolen items and their value are necessary when filing the claim.

Whether the theft is in progress or it happened while you were away, you need to contact the police and report the incident.

In case of other types of disasters that involve injuries, property loss or damage, collecting evidence (once proved it is safe to do so) is capital. Molina Rangel and our adjusters understand how traumatic these events can be.

We specialize in collecting the necessary evidence, properly sorting it and filing it along with your claim.

How do I file a claim?

As mentioned above, this insurer offers the possibility to file a claim by phone, online and on their mobile app.

If you have a car accident they also have 24/7 roadside assistance through the number 1-800-776-2778, provided you purchased this coverage with your policy.

Remember to have at hand all the information and evidence regarding your policy and the accident. Pay attention to every detail, as they can be decisive in winning your claim.

Molina Rangel can assess your case at any moment and help you success in this challenging process.

Our public adjusters will determine how valuable the information you are providing is and we will guide you gather and file anything you may have missed out.

Some of the items you need to submit include: the type of claim you are filing, the description of your accident, insurance information for all parties involved and driver(s), vehicle(s) information (if applicable).

Depending on your type of claim, the evidence you need to submit may vary. It is always a good idea to keep visual records and statements of the circumstances involving the accident as memory can fade away and facts can be lost over time.

Taking too long before you file a claim will be detrimental in achieving a fruitful resolution of your claim.

How do I prevent my rates from going up?

We all want to make the most out of our investment on any field. Insurance policies are not an exception to this fact. Yet filing too many claims or even as little as one can set off an alarm with your insurance provider.

The Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) is a system that allows insurance companies to interchange information about your claim history and overall insurance record. When you lose points on your record for any reason, your premiums may rocket.

In some extreme cases, your insurer can decide to drop your coverage and even blacklist you as a liability and all other insurance companies could access this information, preventing you from receiving any insurance coverage.

For your peace of mind, there are some options and steps you can follow to prevent your insurer from seeing you as a risk to their coffers. Getting high deductible and paying small repairs on your own is always a plus for you.

The less you use your policy to get minor repairs done, the better you look to your insurer. Even when you file some claims, regardless of fault, insurers offer you the option to get “accident forgiveness”.

This option allows you to maintain your current pricing and coverage when you are found at-fault in a car accident. If you are proven to be a good driver, there is no need to make use of this option.

Progressive gives you the possibility to acquire it and make use of it, though.

Why do I need a help mediating my claims?

It is true you can find guidance and assistance to make a claim by yourself. Insurance companies may even aid in this process. Yet, there are many possibilities that will prevent you from getting your claim approved with the maximum compensation.

When you face a calamity, you may get upset and the risk of making a mistake while filing a claim will spike. At Molina Rangel we empathize with your loss and we will work to provide the best assistance for you.

We understand insurance companies are usually after their own interests and they leave your needs and interests in the background.

Our public adjusters at Molina Rangel have vast experience dealing with claims against Progressive.

The processes of gathering, sorting and submitting the necessary evidence, handling all your personal and insurance policy information for the effects of the claim, will be done with upmost professionalism.

Our ultimate goal will always be achieving the most beneficial outcome for you.

Nationwide insurance claims: Key steps to follow

Insurance Claims:

Key steps to follow when an accident has occurred

Accidents are more present in our lives today than thirty years ago. Having damage or loss of something or someone you appreciate, such as your home, car, or a beloved one is an unpleasant experience.

Then, dealing with the expenses of getting your car or your house roof repaired by yourself is not an enjoyable journey. That is why people trust their tranquility to an insurance company, in this case, Nationwide.

Nationwide insurance services include protection for properties, cars, renters, pets, boats and watercraft, and life or annuity. It covers property losses caused by wind, water, hail, or theft. If your car was vandalized or stolen, if the windshield or any other glass got broken, Nationwide will handle it, but you need to file a claim in order to start the process.

With the purpose of getting a reasonable remuneration, it is necessary to file a claim through one of the two alternatives they provide.

You either can do it by phone calling the service number 1-800-421-3535 or you can do it online accessing to the insurance company’s website on

It looks very simple and easy to do, right? It might not be so. When filing a claim, a lot of things can go wrong.

If you lack a piece of information or evidence, or add something that does not fit well enough, your claim can be declined. Facing that kind of situation can be frustrating and stressful. We truly understand you and would like to help you.

At Molina Rangel, we have a qualified team of public adjusters that have filed claims for this insurance company, and have achieved every goal, successfully. We will be glad to help you go through this whole process and end up victorious.

Therefore, it is essential to know each one of the stages of the procedure to accomplish our goal.

  • Keep calm and serenity. It is vital that you and your loved ones are out of danger. Everything is going to work out just fine.
  • If you had a car crash and you are hurt, call emergency services and wait until they get to you. If you are not hurt, do not move your vehicle, so it will be better for understanding the accident. On the other hand, if your car or home was vandalized, remain calm, and make sure there are no thieves around or inside your house.
  • Contact the police department immediately. When the authorities finish checking, access your home or car and take specific notes of anything that is missing or broken making a list with their value and any proof of existence.
  • Call the police, in case you suffered a car crash, car vandalism, or a home or auto theft. It is always helpful to have a police report in order to maximize the process speed.
  • If the accident is related to natural disasters, make sure you collect evidence. Winds and water can damage several areas of your home, so take as many detailed pictures or videos as you can.  Having visual proof of the injuries suffered in every circumstances are significant when filing a claim.
  • If there are any witnesses or injured people, please take names, phone numbers, and addresses, if possible. We are going to need it.
  • In case of a car crash, collect the descriptions and explicit damages to all vehicles involved.
  • Call the Nationwide Claims phone number at 1-800-421-3535 to notify.

How do I file a claim?

For filing a claim, Nationwide gives you two options: Online and by phone.

To make it online, you have to go to the insurer’s website page, log into your account, and then, click “Claims”, so you can file yours. In the following option, you can call the Nationwide Claims phone number 1-800-421-3535, and file the initial details of your claim.

Whether you call the insurer or go to the website page to file your claim, you will be required to give some important information like your name and social security number. Also, you will need your policy number, and information on your coverage.

Remember the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses or harm people we mentioned you above? Well, you will need that now, too. You will be also asked for general loss information with details of the mishap, so the insurer can begin the claim research.

You will need to submit specific pictures and videos as evidence.

If at this point of the reading you feel like you are lacking vital information, do not worry!

Our public adjusters will guide and help you gather every piece of evidence missing. Molina Rangel specializes in this type of cases. We want to support you, so you receive the benefit you deserve.

Then, after collecting everything, the following step, it is to file the claim as soon as possible, because it shortens the procedure time and, magnifies the opportunity of getting your claim approved.

How do I prevent my rates from going up?

We are very sure you do not want your rates to increase. So, the healthiest way would be not to file too many claims.

Doing so in events when the deductible is significantly higher than your loss or damages would rise your rates.

Exceeding a reasonable amount of claims can shock your insurer and even make him choose not to renew your policy.

As we do not want any of that to happen, we advise you to make minor repairs out-of-your-pocket in order to maintain your rates and to be seen as a low-risk policyholder by your insurer.

If you ever have a car accident and you are the main responsible, your rates can rise meaningfully, but with Nationwide you can ask for Accident Forgiveness. It will help you avoid a rate increase following the first at-fault accident on your policy.

The insurance provider also extends Accident Forgiveness to other drivers on your policy, including teenage drivers, but it can only be used for one forgiven accident per policy.

In the case that you need to repair your car, you are free to choose a repair shop from the On Your Side Auto Repair Network® as they come with a written guarantee for as long as you own or lease the car.

However, in the case of need to repair your home, Nationwide give you freedom to find your own contractor or select one from their On Your Side® Property Repair Network. If you want your own contractor, Molina Rangel can help you find the best and most adequate for the job.

Why do I need a help mediating my claims?

These claim processes are hardly ever quick and accepted without some extra help and guidance. It is not easy to suffer a calamity, try to keep the rest of your life going, and do the tedious and stressful process of filing an insurance claim.

We want to help you. We can advise you in what steps to take, sort, and gather enough evidence in order to submit a solid claim.

We can even reapply a claim for you. Our public adjusters have plenty of experience dealing with claims against Nationwide.

Molina Rangel will always do our best to reduce the time period for your claim to be accepted.

We truly know you want to go back to your normal life. Working by the hand, you can maximize your remuneration with our professional assistance.

Our main concern is that you get what you deserve as quickly as possible.

Geico Insurance Claims: What do I do in case of an accident?

Geico Insurance Claims:
What do I do in case of an accident?

One of the many insurance companies you can find in America that offers good coverage and rates is GEICO. You can find this insurance company’s offices throughout the entire American territory.

A number of affiliated and non-affiliated insurance companies provide GEICO’s services depending on the type of claim and your location. You can find a full list of their affiliated and non-affiliated insurance companies on the page

You can contact them by phone through their number (800) 207-7847, their mobile app or on their web site You can file a claim through their mobile app or online and keep track of its progress at any time of the day.

This flexibility is very convenient and you can also report any incidents on either platform or call roadside assistance through the number (800) 424-3426, report problems related to property through the number (800) 241-8098, or business related events through (866) 509-9444.

Molina Rangel has a team of public adjusters at your disposal that are familiar with the intricacies of filing a claim against GEICO.

Technology allows for quickness, but you need a lot of attention to detail not to miss any important information from your claim. We understand how upsetting is finding you in the middle of an accident without knowing exactly what to do.

Our public adjusters will focus on collecting and submitting all necessary evidence for you as long as you contact us.

When you are on the road and an accident happens, you need to make sure you and everyone around you is safe. You need to check for injuries and call emergency services.

If you or your family are at risk of suffering more severe injuries, get to safety, otherwise avoid moving anyone or anything from the site.

It is very important that you do not tamper with the final scene before taking pictures, because showing the exact position of objects and even people can serve as evidence to make your claim successful.

Always be mindful of your safety and those around you; when a person is injured, try not to move them unless they are in immediate danger.

Always call an ambulance in case of any injuries and contact the police to get a report in case the accident involves several parties.

The police report will be very useful for filing the claim. Some states require you have a police report when a car accident takes place.

When a natural disaster strikes your property, you must make sure it is safe to access or get near the place. Calling the fire department may be necessary to assess the situation, minimize danger and make sure it is safe to approach the site.

Once everything is clear of danger, you can take pictures and take notes on the state of your belongings. This applies for fire, flood, wind, water and many other types of damage. If you are not sure of the implications a particular disaster may have, you should contact a professional that can evaluate the damage.

Whatever the case may be, you will be under a lot of distress. Molina Rangel can ease your situation and provide the necessary help you require. We will gather all the evidence your claim will demand, we will categorize it and submit it in due time. Your time and peace of mind is valuable, and we will be pleased to help maximize both.

How do I file a claim?

GEICO insurance provides a couple of options for filing claims. The first is through their website, where you can log in and complete the filing process. The second option is through their mobile app, which offer similar options to the website.

Either path you prefer to follow the outcome will be the same. To rise your chances of success, you need to keep at hand some of your personal information, and information and evidence about the accident.

When you suffer a car accident, GEICO provides the option of booking and getting repair services online depending on your policies eligibility and coverage. You can also contact any of the associated auto shops.

In fact, you can find your nearest auto shop options if you access your claim. In addition, this insurance company offers the service of Auto Repair Xpress® on several locations and the repairs will be guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Just remember not to wait too long before filing your claim. The more time you take between filing the claim and the date the accident took place, the chance of winning the claim will drop.

We cannot rely on our memory alone, as we might not remember everything in detail. Pictures, witnesses and any other evidence will be substantial for reinforcing your claim.

How do I prevent my rates from going up?

Your insurer may increase your rates or charge premiums on your policy whenever you file a claim.

Filing claims too often rise the payment of your policy as well. Insurance companies try to reduce all costs they spend on their clients.

So, if insurers consider you are a risk for their interests, they might decide to drop your coverage.

The bad news is once you reach the point where you are considered a high-risk policyholder, it is very difficult to change it and other insurance companies can see your record on the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE).

The good news is you can prevent reaching the point of no return and stay a safe policyholder.

GEICO includes “Accident forgiveness” as a one-time deal in your insurance policy. With this option, your insurer will dismiss an at-fault car accident and no extra premiums will be added to your current rates.

The availability of this option depends on your policy type, yet you can decide to skip acquiring it if you are a good driver.

Other measures for keeping your rates without a change include:

  • Avoid several claims within a short period of time.
  • Avoid submitting claims for low amounts of money, particularly if they are below your deductible.
  • Choose a high deductible that will prevent you from filing claims often and this can also lower your premiums.
  • Check your house or vehicle history. If they are preowned, and some claims have been filed, it is very likely you will have to pay high premiums.

Why do I need a help mediating my claims?

GEICO insurance, as many others, offers a range of options for filing your claim and keeping track of the process. Their web and mobile tools can very easy to use at any moment of the day.

They have reps willing to answer your questions and assist you in case of an accident. However, insurance agents and companies will try to settle for the lowest payment possible. They will try to reject or overlook any piece of evidence that can be important for your case.

Molina Rangel can help you ease your mind with an effective handling of your situation.

We have highly experienced public adjusters that deal with claims against GEICO on a regular basis. We can guide you in the process of filing your claim, finding the repairers and collecting the largest payment after winning your claim.

We have a professional approach to dealing with insurance claims with high attention to detail on every step of the process.

The only mistake you can make while hiring the public adjusters at Molina Rangel, is not hiring us sooner. We know you are facing a difficult situation whenever an accident happens. Rest assured we have your back and we will look after your own and your family’s interests.

How to Fix a Water Leak – Repair and Maintenance

Plumbing leak:
location and repair of
plumbing leaks

The damage that water can cause is considerable. A plumbing leak may cause hundreds of dollars in damages to your house, and your neighbors.

A water leak can be defined as the leakage of water through an accidentally produced hole, opening, joints or cracks.

The origin of the leak may variate from an inadequate installation, to a deterioration of the gums in the keys and connections, to other types of problems with related to plumbing. Some leaks may be visible to the eye, but a large percentage of the leaks that occur are hidden under the floor or walls.

Whatever the cause is, these problems may occur in all types of structures and at any time and is not always easy to detect them in time. That is the reason why it is important to pay special attention to the possible signals, so that we can correct it as soon as possible.

If a leak goes unnoticed long enough; the damage is usually greater.  It also increases the economic cost that the repair of the leak can suppose.

  • Use filters in the pipes to keep hair, soap scum, and other solids from making their way into the drain.
  • Avoid pouring grease down the drain.
  • Never pour chemicals such as paints or paint thinners down a drain.
  • Clean all sinks and plugs regularly.
  • Pour boiling water through the drains at least once a week to melt the accumulated grease.

If there is a suspicion of plumbing leak, it is recommended to:

  • Observe the water meter: this activity is quite important since you can check if your plumbing suffer any problems. If the counter wheel moves, this movement will mean that you have a problem in your installation. In case this does not happen, you can rest assured, your plumbing is in perfect condition.
  • Identify soft or damp surfaces when walking, bulges, hot spots on the floor or wet walls, as they can be a sign that there is a leak in the plumbing.

If you verify the existence of a plumbing leak, you should call a specialist to solve the problem.

Furthermore, there are two basic types of leaks, visible and not visible leaks:

  • Visible plumbing leaks sprout towards the surface of the ground or pavement, although its location may be a considerable distance from the point where it was discovered.
  • Not visible plumbing leaks infiltrate the ground, they also may drain into the systems sewerage.

Location and repair of plumbing leaks

Water coming from a plumbing leak may cause different types of damage. Plumbing leaks may cause damages to the structure of the property. The areas more likely to be affected are walls, floorboards, and ceiling. The excess moisture coming from the leak accumulates on surfaces like wood walls, weakening and discoloring them. An unattended plumbing leak ma even weaken and crumble part of a concrete wall.

The damage occasioned by a plumbing leak is not limited to structural parts of the house. The belongings inside the house may also suffer the consequences of having a plumbing leak at home. Items that are commonly affected include clothing, electronics, furniture, rugs, and books.

Plumbing leaks could even increase your expenses by wasting water. The water company will charge for wasted water since there is no way for them to know whether you are really using their service or not. Ruined artifacts due to water will increase your monthly expenses as well.

In addition, a plumbing leak may also affect your health. A puddle of water, with no doubt, represents imminent danger for all family members, specially infants and elderlies. Even when not stepping on water, a leak could affect an electric device, not only risking the item itself but the life of those who come in contact with the item.

For these reasons, fixing a plumbing leak should not be delayed. When a plumbing leak is detected, it is imperative to take actions as soon as possible. Bear in mind that, in order to restore your house, an insurance service is needed.

Since claiming your insurance might be a challenging task, you might want to have a professional company by your side to successfully fulfil the claim and set a fair agreement between both parts. The professional who helps people to collect their insurance is called a public adjuster.

A public adjuster is a representative of the policyholder who advises, manages, and submits a claim to the policyholder’s insurance company.

Hiring an expert public adjuster from a third party will most likely help during the coverage claim and save the insured from reading those long and confusing policies. It is well known that insurance companies might try to pay less money than what is due to cut expenses. In order to get your home repaired in no time, you should hire MolinaRangel.

MolinaRangel will take any case involving plumbing leaks and other water damages and make sure the insured gets as most coverage as possible from their insurance company.

Hiring an expert of MolinaRangel to assess your case and prepare arguments to back you up will give you an advantage against insurance companies that try to con their clients. Trust in MolinaRangel experts to make your insurance carrier give the proper compensation for the coverage you are hiring.

Plumbing leaks may be located by sampling and prioritizing areas with the highest incidence of leaks. In the case of visible leaks, an on-road inspection program must be developed. If they are non-visible leaks, it is necessary to apply pressure and localization techniques with electroacoustic contact and indirect equipment.

Detection of plumbing leaks is essential, otherwise, moisture can spread through other areas and environments causing structural damage. It is necessary to detect plumbing leaks quickly because if they are joined in an electrical system it can turn into a very serious hazard.

You can count on MolinaRangel to:

MolinaRangel will prepare detailed scope and cost estimates using experts in the fields of remediation, toxicology, and construction engineers to prove your loss. MolinaRangel also provides insurance policy interpretation to determine covered and uncovered items and to negotiate with the insurance company.

Do not forget that an insurance is an agreement between two parties. You are doing your part by paying an agreed amount in monthly or yearly payments. Hire a MolinaRangel adjuster and enjoy the coverage of your insurance knowing that you are getting what you paid for. Feel safe again, call MolinaRangel today.

  • Evaluate existing insurance policies to determine a coverage that may be applicable to your claim.
  • Research, detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and any additional expenses such as goods and belongings.
  • Evaluate business interruption losses and extra expenses.
  • Setting covering damage after determining values.
  • Prepare any document required in order to successfully support your claim.
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.
  • Push as far as needed for the property owner to receive the maximum amount of indemnification for the claim.
  • Re-open a claim and negotiate all over again for more money if a discrepancy is found after the claiming with the insurance company has been settled.

Burglary and Theft Damage: Important Advices!

Burglary and Theft Damage
Important Advices to have a safer free of Burglars Home

Your home is a place for peace and joy, a place to share with your beloved ones…you must be safe in it…but when that peace and safety is perturbed by intruders, you surely get terrified. Intruders, thieves or burglars, might hurt you, your family or take your possessions.

The intrusion into your property is a crime that entails material and psychological damages and requires the intervention of the official forces, like the police department. Calling 911 is the wisest choice in those experiences.

And after the situation is controlled by police force and the calm has returned to your home, it is the time for us to act: Molina Rangel Public Adjuster.

Why does Molina Rangel can help you? Once the calm is back, it is the time to check out what happened at home. Probably thieves or burglars took your possessions, broke windows glasses, or door locks.

If you have an insurance policy, you might feel alleviate about replacing your losses. But that is not so easy: if claim is not well conducted, instead of gaining, you will lose money and time.

The professional assistance of public adjusters is indispensable if you really want to end victorious during an insurance claim. That process is really tough and we know exactly what to do so you can be ease hiring us to conduct claim process. And be sure you will beat it!

Knowing the exactitude of the terms burglary and theft can help you to manage any incident that involves illegal intrusion better.

The terms are actually closely related and sometimes confused. Telling the truth, differences strive in specifics movements performed in each situation.

Talking about burglary, it is the mere intention of committing the crime meanwhile theft is the real action or perpetration. In the United States, each state has particular laws and penalties.

Legally, to establish a burglary, it is indispensable the occurrence of breaking and entering in a property.

When we say breaking, it can be actual or just the action of forcing a door; to use threats or fraud to enter a location, or having permission to enter a room but not to other one.

The terminology involves being inside a place without permission or using tricks. Entering involves either physical entry by a person or the insertion of an instrument to remove property.

If a tool was inserted in the property but nobody entered, that is not burglary…or if someone entered without breaking, it is not burglary. Got it? A little complicated, but not for us. Public Adjusters know best!

On the other hand, theft is not only getting into somebody’s property, but the fact of taking another person’s property without that person’s permission or consent and take it as its own.

Other terms as well “theft” are used to refer to this offense: stealing, thieving or filching. To be victim of theft is a really fearful experience.

The amount of theft in the country are incredible high every year; official information estimates the number of reports in about 10 million last year; in fact the rate of theft was estimated in around 3,000 per 100,000 inhabitants which is really alarming considering all investments made by the government in security.

Everyone in the country has been visible exposed to at least one in his/her life to a crime like theft. Outside walking along in the street, in a mall, inside a shop or at home any incident might happen.

Molina Rangel and Burglar or Thief Damages

Being victim of burglar or thief requires solving many issues: police reports, check out losses, repair broken doors, or start a claim at your insurance company.

They urge your full attention so professional help besides you is pretty much important, especially if you want to start a claim. Along the years, we have learnt how hard is for victims to think clear about all the necessary procedures after the crime incident.

Furthermore, legal issues that entangled to anyone. Walk along the claim process with us, we can take care of the claim as follows:

If you haven’t done it, we call insurance company and to report the incident. Probably they will request you attend personally and answer some questions. You must not go alone.

We can be by your side and be well assisted. For that first meeting at insurance company, take with you police report and a list of the lost items (in case of theft) or a list of damages (if theft was not committed but burglary).

Our professional advice can move the claim process in your favor and you will be a satisfied client. Molina Rangel public adjuster is characterized by a comprehensive service. Never worry about your claim and trust on us.

Attitudes that make you an easy victim for burglary or theft

We move on every day without thinking about being victim of burglary or theft.  Sometimes we are unsuspecting and we do not take minimal precautions to avoid being victim from burglary or theft. There is some general misbehavior that exposes you to danger:

  • To leave doors or windows unlocked. That is the first place burglars and thieves search to enter through. According to statistics, 65% of the time, in those homes that was victim of burglary or theft, doors or windows were unlocked or open.
  • To have easy to break doors, poor quality door frames or broken windows. One or all of these conditions are home, are ideal for intruders get into your home. They usually make a research in neighborhoods and study which homes are more vulnerable.
  • To publish on social networks when your home is alone. Talking in public places about your vacations, your outer activities or specify your location in social networks, provide burglars and thieves with enough information about you. Be discrete.
  • To open the door to unknown people. Not everybody is bad…but not everybody is good. If you do not know well a person, the person looks suspicious or seems nervous, avoid opening the door. If it is possible, talk to the person through the window.
  • To have a tag name and address with the keys of your home. Do not think about honesty will prevail. Instead think that a burglar or thief will have your home keys.
  • To leave your house keys with your car in a commercial parking lot or with an attendant. You do not know if they can be taken or being copied.
  • To leave extra keys under the front mat or in the plant pot next to the door. Somebody might see you keeping your extra door in the so called secret place.

Try to avoid those conducts to safeguard your home.

Important Advices to have a safer free of Burglars and thieves Home

It is true you can find guidance and assistance to make a claim by yourself. Insurance companies may even aid in this process. Yet, there are many possibilities that will prevent you from getting your claim approved with the maximum compensation.

Experts in security express that a burglar or thief needs less than five minutes to get into your home. After that time, if they haven’t succeeded, they quit and try to find another place easier to get in. Having this information in mind, try to follow our advices…they will stop intruders or delay experts ones:

  • Install security devices as padlocks, locks in door and windows, bars and bolds which increase security. Be sure they work properly.
  • Install a burglar Alarm. They are designed to alert you when someone enters to your home without your consent.
  • Invest on Security Cameras. To install cameras at entry points but hard to reach is a good option. Burglars and thieves will know that they are being watched.
  • Ponder privacy vs security. Perhaps you do not like to be observed by your neighbors using high fences, bush or creepers. But that landscape might be useful for burglars or thieves to hide.
  • Light your home surroundings. Light will make burglars or thieves be out of the shadows.
  • Keep valuable items out of easy sight or that can be seen from outside.

Burglar and Theft in Numbers

Some important facts that you probably might not know about burglary and theft are:

Not all theft are suitable of receive a penalty or being considered a crime; to receive a penalty for theft the amount taken must be of $988.

The F.B.I says that every 14.6 seconds a burglar gets into a house.

34% of burglars get into your home through the front door; 4% get through an unlocked entrance; 23 % through first floor window; 22% through the back door; 9% through the garage and 2% through second floor window.

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Tornado Damage: Before, during and after a Tornado

Tornado Damage:
Before, during and
after a Tornado

What is a Tornado?

Tornadoes are violent storms that strike as a powerful rotating mixture of wind and thunderstorm clouds, extending from the clouds to the ground in a funnel shape.

They are known to be the most powerful and destructive atmospheric generated phenomena (wind systems), and  are very common in the USA, particularly from the middle belt extending to the east coast.

Every year, there is an average of 800 tornadoes that hit various parts of the USA. Even though many of them are very mild and could be seen as just strong winds, there has been a few tornadoes that have been very devastating and flattened many homes, schools and structures along its path.

Tornado incidents are distributed all year through, forming particularly in late spring (March), with the most incidents occurring in the summer (May and June), and reducing in numbers and strengths in the fall.

The impact of Tornados

Like all natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and others, they end up with massive destruction to homes, property, infrastructure and cause many deaths as well.

Each year, about 60 people are killed by tornadoes, mostly from airborne debris. Source: This means individuals, families, communities and the government are all affected in one way or the other.

Here are a few examples:

April 25-28, 2011, USA:

More than 200 tornadoes across Northern Mississippi, Central and Northern Alabama, Eastern Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia and Northern Georgia resulted in 316 deaths. 15 of the tornadoes measured 4-5 on the E-F Scale, with 8 of them traveling for more than 50 miles.

In Alabama, there were more than 2000 more injuries, with property damage in excess of 4.2billion dollars.

Source: The Historic Tornadoes of April 2011., U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE REPORT, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, Mississippi, USA:

On this day, a massive Tornado ripped through Townships in Arkansas and Mississippi killing at least 34 people. It also caused various degrees of injuries to 200 more people. Homes were flattened and trees and cars were flying around.

The tornado measured F3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. More than 2,000 homes and 100 commercial properties were reported to be damaged.


Monday, November 18, 2013, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, USA:

Powerful tornadoes, numbering about 30 swept through the US Midwest, killing about 8 and injuring many more. Many people were trapped in buildings.

Winds up to about 68mph, carrying rain and hailstones as big as tennis balls caused massive damage to buildings and property. Entire communities were wiped away leaving nothing left.


It is known that tornadoes cause a yearly average of 400 million dollars in losses to the USA, putting tornadoes at par with hurricanes, according to a report by Lloyds in London. In 2011, about 1600 tornadoes hit the USA, causing more than 25 billion dollars in damages.

Before, during and after a Tornado?

Before a Tornado

Sometimes tornadoes do not give weather readers much time to get people prepared to take cover.

Here are a few things to do in preparation, especially if you live in a tornado-prone area:

Always be aware of the safer places (Refuge areas) you can go to in your home before a tornado visits.

If there is no basement in your home, consider finding a safe place close enough to your home where you can quickly take shelter.

Make sure there are signs on the walls showing where the closest safe area is.

If there is enough time, grab a few first aid items and stock up on water and some emergency supplies, that can take you a few days if things get very bad.

Try to keep in touch with your local weather station, and look out for dark clouds and thunderstorms.

Be aware of the weather in your town and the suggested actions you can do to keep safe.

During a Tornado

During an approaching tornado, quickly move to your basement or designated area if you are in a public place.

These days, schools, hospitals and many business building have safer places where people can take shelter.

If you are driving, or in a vehicle, make your way to the closest sturdy building and take cover.

If there is none around, stay in your car, wear your seat belt and cover your head with your arms or a pillow if there is one.

Never try to look into the window, or get out, as there may be flying debris that can smash your windows.

Flying objects cause most of the injuries and deaths during tornadoes.

After a Tornado

Lots of injuries occur after tornadoes too. Be careful when getting out of your shelter as damaged objects and structures may fall.

Wear safety garments when walking and working through debris, as there could be broken glasses, exposed nails and other dangerous chemicals.

Do not touch power lines and objects in water puddles as there may be live electrical wires around.

If you have to clean up your home, make sure that you are wearing safety gear and are well aware of the dangers.

Keep records, notes, photos of broken items, in case your insurance company needs them.

Tornado Features

Tornadoes occur usually during the daytime, from mid-afternoon till about early evening.

Their movement is usually from the southwest to the northeast. Sometimes they move in any direction, and in the general path of the thunderstorm.

The spinning winds cover an area of about 300 — 400 yards, and can travel on a path for about 5 miles (some tornadoes travel for over 80 miles), at a speed of about 5 — 60mph.

Sometimes tornadoes develop in a very short time frame, leaving very little lead time for warning and preparation.

How do Tornadoes form?

This question is one that has not been a bit uncertain among people who study weather, but here is an explanation that many believe is the closest possible cause of tornadoes.

Tornadoes are simply borne out of supercell storms (Supercell tornadoes are more powerful than those that do not come from supercells).

A supercell storm is a thunderstorm characterized by powerful updrafts. Example of non-supercell tornadoes are ‘gustnadoes’ and ‘landspouts’.

Here is How They Form

Step 1: Like all winds and storms, tornadoes begin when the sun heats up the surface of the land. As the warm, less heavy air begins to rise, it meets the colder, heavier air above it. Note that wind shears make it even easier to set them off. A wind shear is when two winds at different levels and speeds above the ground blow together in a location.

Step 2: The faster moving air begins to spin and roll over the slower wind. As it rolls on, it gathers pace and grow in size.

Step 3: At this stage, it is an invisible, horizontal wind spinning and rolling like a cylinder. As the winds continue to build up, stronger and more powerful warm air forces the spinning winds vertically upward, causing an updraft.

Step 4: With more warm air rising, the spinning air encounters more updraft. The winds spin faster, vertically upwards, and gains more momentum.

Step 5: At this stage, the spinning winds, creates a vortex and the wind has enough energy to fuel itself.

Step 6: The tornado is fully formed now and moving in the direction of the thunderstorm winds. When the pointed part of the tornado touched the ground from the cloud, it is often referred to as ‘touch down’ As it moves it rips off things along its patch.

Profiles of Tornadoes

In the first page, we mentioned an average of 800 tornadoes in the USA occurring every year. How come we do not hear of each of them? It is because they come differently in terms of their destructive power. There are 6 categories of tornadoes, scaled from F0 up to F5, and is measured with a scale called The Fujita Tornado Damage Scale. Here are the descriptions, in terms of the damage it does:

F0—LIGHT: These come as strong winds, with little damage to roofs that are poorly maintained. These winds can displace light-weight objects such as trash cans. They occur very often, making up about 60% of the total number of tornadoes in the year.

F1—MODERATE: These make up about 28% of the total number of tornadoes. They cause minor damage to landscape, young trees, building roofs and break windows. They can displace heavier objects.

F2—CONSIDERABLE: These make up about 9% of the total number. They break tree branches and bend trees. They cause considerable damage to property as a result of airborne debris. They can move and displace a garden shed with poor foundations.

F3— SEVERE: These can uproot trees and break walls of buildings. They can rip off roofs and cause severe damage. These make up about 3% of the total number of tornadoes, and their destruction usually make it to the news on TV.

F4—DEVASTATING: These are pretty destructive, as small cars are blown over and displaced. Well constructed homes are broken, trees are uprooted and blown away. They carry heavy debris and destroy anything in its path. They make up only about 1%.

F5 d—INCREDIBLE: These make up less than 1% in number. They are so powerful that they flatten pretty much any structure in its path. Mature trees are left with no branches, others are uprooted and blown away, and automobiles are significantly blown away and displaced.

After a while, the funnel shape of the tornado thins out as it reaches the end of its life, looking like a rope. This is called the rope stage.

Tornado refuge area (shelter)

The destruction of structures and threat to life during tornadoes is usually caused by a combination of three factors: Wind-induced forces, Changes in atmospheric pressure and debris (airborne) impact.

There has been enough study on the factors above and there are effective engineering and architectural considerations that can make a building safe during a tornado.

Buildings with heavy masonry and concrete materials that are well tied to other parts of the structure tend to withstand extreme winds. The weight and strength of the walls are able to stop flying debris that often cause damage to property. They also resist the uplift and lateral loads caused by excessive winds, making the building a better refuge area.

Airborne debris move in all directions and refuge areas must have the capacity to shield people from the threat of flying debris. This is why basements are the best places to seek refuge during tornadoes. For building without basements, the lowest roof, first floor, interior or most enclosed places are safer.

sually, building inspectors can assist you to locate, improve and utilize the best available refuge area, in older and more vulnerable buildings. Long roof spans and large volume open areas such as gymnasiums, auditoriums and cafeterias must be avoided. Also, areas with large expanses of glass and skylights must be avoided.

Make sure you know this preparation tip before a tornado visits. It is a good idea to put “Refuge Area” signs in school or public buildings, because many times, there is very little lead time (The current average lead-time for tornado warnings is 13 minutes) to take refuge.

Interesting tornado tips

Tornado Alley

There are some places in the USA, such as Oklahoma, Northern Texas, Nebraska, Kansas and Eastern Colorado, that has more tornado visits that other parts of the USA. The nickname for this belt is called Tornado Alley. (The red area on the map of USA below)

Tornado watch, prediction and warning

Unlike tropical storms or hurricanes, tornadoes cannot be predicted with precision. Is also forms at a relatively short period of time. Therefore, weather experts use strong thunderstorm activity to predict the possibility of tornadoes. Once it is formed, one can see it approaching, but by that time, it is a maximum of 13 minutes away.

A tornado watch means there a possibility of tornado, therefore, stay alert. A tornado warning means the tornado has been sighted by the radar, therefore, make your way to the refuge area.

Tornado Vortex

A vortex is simply the tip that is created by spinning water or wind. If you fill the kitchen sink with water and open the drain, you notice that water rushed down, a phenomenon caused by downdraft.

As water goes down, it starts to spin and then it spins faster and faster. This is similar to the vortices (more than one vortex) that occur with tornadoes.

As the winds over the land surface rotates, an updraft can send the spinning winds vertical, causing a vortex. Note that there can be more than one vortex reaching downwards from thunderstorm clouds.

Tornado Chasers

People chase tornadoes and storms for reasons such as research purposes and fun.

Whiles this is a very dangerous move, it is important that you take extra precaution and safety measures before you engage in this.

The force of nature can be catastrophic and people must not joke with it. Stay away if you are not trained to do so.

Damages Per Year of Tornado

A tornado is a violently rotating column of air from a thunderstorm that reaches the ground. Tornadoes usually occur east of the Rocky Mountains during the spring and summer. May is typically the worst month.

On average, 800 tornadoes hit a year. They kill 80 people and injure 1,500 more. Since 2008, that average has increased to more than 1,300 injured a year. The most violent tornadoes have wind speeds of more than 250 mph and leave a damage path a mile wide and 50 miles long.

In 2017, there were 1,400 tornadoes. The first quarter was the worst for insurers in 20 years. Tornadoes were a large part of that.

There were 425 tornadoes between January and March. That’s more than double the 205 tornadoes during the same period in 2016. On average, there were 93 tornadoes in each the first quarters of 2014 through 2016. It’s unusual for tornadoes to occur that early in the year.

Fortunately, only 35 people died.

The opposite was true in 2018. The first six months saw half the normal amount.

Worst Tornado Season

The most damaging tornado season occurred April 25-27, 2011. In that week, 305 twisters hit the Southeast, breaking the 1974 record of 267 tornadoes. The outbreak caused $5 billion in damage. At least two of the storms were EF-5 twisters, producing wind gusts of more than 200 miles per hour.

The tornado outbreak killed 327 people, with 250 dead in Alabama alone. It was the third-deadliest single outbreak in U.S. history. The worst was March 1925, when 747 people died. The second-worst was March 1932, when 332 perished.

That outbreak made April the most active month for tornadoes ever, with 600 tornadoes forming. The previous record was 542 tornadoes in May 2003. It also brought the year’s total to 881 tornadoes, almost half the tornado record of 1,817 set in 2004. (Source: Bloomberg, “Deadly Tornado Outbreak May Be Worst in History,” May 4, 2011)

Worst Tornado

The most damaging tornado ever was May 22, 2011, in Joplin, Missouri. It cost $2.8 billion. That’s $2.9 billion when adjusted for inflation. It was also the most deadly tornado since 1950.

Sadly, 161 people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. More than 500 businesses were severely damaged, affecting 5,000 workers.

The EF-5 tornado was one-half mile wide when it touched down in the western part of the city. It expanded to three-fourths mile in width.

It traveled 13 miles in all, hitting the City of Duquesne as well. Winds were 200 miles per hour. It traveled about 10 miles per hour.

Flooded House: What you can do before during and after floods.

Flooded House
What you can do before
during and after floods.

Many of us have this idea that floods (or flooding) is simply, too much water around your house. People think that can be fun. Wrong. Flooding is a lot more than that.

Flooding is extremely dangerous and has the potential to wipe away an entire city, coastline or area, and cause extensive damage to life and property. It also has great erosive power and can be extremely destructive, even if it is a foot high.

What is a Flood?

It is a natural event or occurrence where a piece of land (or area) that is usually dry land, suddenly gets submerged under water. Some floods can occur suddenly and recede quickly. Others take days or even months to build and discharge.

When floods happen in an area that people live, the water carries along objects like houses, bridges, cars, furniture and even people. It can wipe away farms, trees and many more heavy items.

Floods occur at irregular intervals and vary in size, duration and the affected area.

It is important to note that water naturally flows from high areas to low lying areas. This means low-lying areas may flood quickly before it begins to get to higher ground.

In this lesson, we shall see more about what causes flooding, the types of flooding, some effects of floods and what we can do before, during and after floods occur.

What causes flooding?

  • Rains
  • River overflow
  • Hurricanes, Strong winds in coastal areas
  • Ice and snow-melts


Each time there are more rains than the drainage system can take, there can be floods. Sometimes, there is heavy rain for a very short period that result in floods. In other times, there may be light rain for many days and weeks and can also result in floods.

River overflow

Rivers can overflow their banks to cause flooding. This happens when there is more water upstream than usual, and as it flows downstream to the adjacent low-lying areas (also called a floodplain), there is a burst and water gets into the land.

Hurricanes, Strong winds in coastal areas

Sea water can be carried by massive winds and hurricanes onto dry coastal lands and cause flooding. Sometimes this is made worse if the winds carry rains themselves. Sometimes water from the sea resulting from a tsunami can flow inland to cause damage.


Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina USA, September 14, 2018

A massive North Atlantic Hurricane that covered a distance of about 6,500km made landfall. The hurricane was an unusually slow-moving one, and stayed over that location for a long time, with non-stop rains. This led to catastrophic flooding, as the land was already saturated from the wet summer. Communities such as Wilmington were cut off. More than 40 people died from the hurricane and massive destruction of homes and infrastructure occurred.

Dam breaking (raptured dam or levee) (Embankments, known as levees, are built along the side of a river and are used to prevent high water from flooding bordering land)

Dams are man-made blocks mounted to hold water flowing down from a highland. The power in the water is used to turn propellers to generate electricity. Sometimes, too much water held up in the dam can cause it to break and overflow the area. Excess water can also be intentionally released from the dam to prevent it from breaking and that can also cause floods.

February 26, 1972 – Buffalo Creek Valley, West Virginia

The failure of a coal-waste impoundment at the valley’s head took 125 lives, and caused more than $400 million in damages, including destruction of over 500 homes.

Ice and snow-melts

In many cold regions, heavy snow over the winter usually stays un-melted for sometime. There are also mountains that have ice on top of them. Sometimes the ice suddenly melts when the temperature rises, resulting in massive movement of water into places that are usually dry. This is usually called a snowmelt flood

Types of Floods

Some would like to see the causes of floods as types of floods, but on this page we shall look at three major flood types: Flash floods, Rapid on-set floods and Slow on-set floods.

Flash floods

This kind occurs within a very short time (2-6 hours, and sometimes within minutes) and is usually as a result of heavy rain, dam break or snow melt. Sometimes, intense rainfall from slow moving thunderstorms can cause it.

Flash floods are the most destructive and can be fatal, as people are usually taken by surprise. There is usually no warning, no preparation and the impact can be very swift and devastating.

Rapid on-set Floods

Similar to flash floods, this type takes slightly longer to develop and the flood can last for a day or two only. It is also very destructive, but does not usually surprise people like Flash floods.

With rapid on-set floods, people can quickly put a few things right and escape before it gets very bad.

Slow on-set floods

This kind is usually as a result of water bodies over flooding their banks. They tend to develop slowly and can last for days and weeks.

They usually spread over many kilometers and occur more in flood plains (fields prone to floods in low-lying areas).

The effect of this kind of floods on people is more likely to be due to disease, malnutrition or snakebites.

Which areas are more likely to flood?

From the causes of floods and the types that we just read about, you can tell that floods are more likely to occur in some areas than others.

Generally, the natural behavior of water (and flowing water) is that it moves from higher ground to lower ground. This means if there is a higher ground adjacent a lower ground, the lower ground is a lot more likely to experience floods.

Additionally, anywhere that rains fall, floods can develop. This is so because anytime there are more rains bringing more water than it can be drained or absorbed by the soil, there is a flood potential.

In many cities, there are buildings springing up in many places where they have not been authorized. Some of these building are placed in waterways.  Other places also have very bad and chocked drainage systems. The danger is that, with the rains, water will find its own level if it cannot find its way. The result is flooding and your home could be under water.

Any plain low-lying area adjacent a river, lagoon or lake is also more likely to have floods anytime the water level rises. This includes coastal areas and shorelines, as seawater can easily be swept inland by strong winds, tides and tsunamis.

Effects of Flooding

Floods can have devastating consequences and can have effects on the economy, environment and people.


During floods (especially flash floods), roads, bridges, farms, houses and automobiles are destroyed. People become homeless. Additionally, the government deploys firemen, police and other emergency apparatuses to help the affected. All these come at a heavy cost to people and the government. It usually takes years for affected communities to be re-built and business to come back to normalcy.

Did you know that the cost of all floodings in the USA in 2011 was $8,640,031,956 (approx 8.5B USD) —


The environment also suffers when floods happen. Chemicals and other hazardous substances end up in the water and eventually contaminate the water bodies that floods end up in. In 2011, a huge tsunami hit Japan, and sea water flooded a part of the coastline. The flooding caused massive leakage in nuclear plants and has since caused high radiation in that area. Authorities in Japan fear that Fukushima radiation levels are 18 times higher than even thought.

Additionally, flooding causes kills animals, and others insects are introduced to affected areas, distorting the natural balance of the ecosystem.

People and animals

Many people and animals have died in flash floods. Many more are injured and others made homeless. Water supply and electricity are disrupted and people struggle and suffer as a result. In addition to this, flooding brings a lot of diseases and infections including military fever, pneumonic plague, dermatopathia and dysentery. Sometimes insects and snakes make their ways to the area and cause a lot of havoc.


There is also something good about floods, especially those that occur in floodplains and farm fields. Floodwaters carry lots of nutrients that are deposited in the plains. Farmers love such soils, as they are perfect for cultivating some kinds of crops.

What you can do before during and after floods

Sometimes there is no warning of flash floods, and that is why it is important to think of them and prepare for them before they happen. Here are a few things you can do.

Before the floods…

1. Know about your local relief centers and evacuation routes.

2. Keep emergency numbers and important information handy, as well as emergency supplies, kits, first aid items. These may include water, canned food, can opener, battery-operated radio, flashlight and protective clothing.

3. Fold and roll up anything onto higher ground (or upper floors of your home), including chemicals and medicines.

4. Make sure everything that is of importance is secured (jewelry, documents, pets, and other valuables).

5. Plant trees and shrubs and keep a lot of vegetation in your compound if you are in a low-lying area as that can control erosion and help soften the speed of the flowing water.

During the floods…

1. Flash floods occur in a short spate of time. As soon as they start, be quick, keep safe and ensure that children and elderly are safe by leaving the house to a higher ground.

2. Turn off all electrical appliance, gas, heating and the like if there is a bit of time.

3. Leave the area before it gets too late. Do not drive through the water as moving water can sweep you away.

4. Stay away from power lines or broken power transmission cables.

5. Try to keep away from flood water as it may contain chemicals or other hazardous materials.

After the floods…

1. Make sure you have permission from emergency officers to get back inside your house.

2. Keep all power and electrical appliance off until the house is cleaned up properly and an electrical personnel has confirmed that it is OK to put them on.

3. Make sure you have photographs, or a record of all the damage, as it may be needed for insurance claims.

4. Clean the entire home, together with all the objects in it very well before you use them again. They may be contaminated.

5. Wear appropriate gear (mask and gloves) before cleaning begins.

Methods of flood prevention

Humans cannot stop the rains from falling or stop flowing surface water from bursting its banks. These are natural events, but we can do something to prevent them from having great impact. Here are a few.

Sea / Coastal Defence Walls

Sea walls and tide gates have been built in some places to prevent tidal waves from pushing the waters up ashore. In some areas too, sand bags are made and placed in strategic areas to retain floodwaters.

Retaining walls

In some places, retaining walls levees, lakes, dams, reservoirs or retention ponds have been constructed to hold extra water during times of flooding.

Town planning

It is important that builders acquire permission before buildings are erected. This will ensure that waterways are not blocked. Also, drainage systems must be covered and kept free from objects that chock them. This way, water can quickly run through if it rains and minimize any chance of town flooding. Drainage systems should also be covered to prevent litter from getting into them.


Trees, shrubs and grass help protect the land from erosion by moving water. People in low-lying areas must be encouraged to use a lot of vegetation to help break the power of moving flood water and also help reduce erosion.


In many developing countries, drainage systems are chocked with litter and people have little knowledge of the effects that can have during a rain. When it rains, waterways and culverts are blocked by massive chunks of litter and debris, and water finds its way into the streets and into people’s homes. Education is therefore very important, to inform and caution people about the dangers of floods, what causes floods, and what can be done to minimise its impact.

Detention basin

These are small reservoirs built and connected to waterways. They provide a temporary storage for floodwaters. This means in an event of flooding, water is drained into the basin first, giving people more time to evacuate. It can also reduce the magnitude of downstream flooding.

Did you know?

Here are a few interesting things you can share with your friends about floods.

In Australia, floods are the most expensive type of natural disaster with direct costs estimated over the period 1967-2005 averaging at $377 million per year (calculated in 2008 Australian dollars).

Flood losses in the United States averaged $2.4 billion per year for the last decade. Floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States.

A physically defined route (path) where water or run-off passes into an outlet or terminus. (Terminus can be the ocean or bigger water body) This includes rivers, creeks, tributaries, stream or estuary. A waterway may be dry, but will soon be full of moving water when there are rains.

Peak water level / flood peak – The highest level that water in a waterway reaches during a flood. This is a measure of the size (or magnitude) of a flood.

Runoff – Each time there is more water on a piece of land than it can infiltrate the soil, the excess water will flow to find its own level. The excess water flow is what we call ‘Runoff” Sometimes the rains come down heavily and the soil (or earth) cannot absorb the water quick enough. This causes the rain water to flow as a runoff.

Never swim or play around in flood water. It may contain chemicals, bacteria and disease causing organisms. If your skin comes in contact with floodwater, make sure to wash it with soap and disinfected water because the contents are unknown.

Communities particularly at risk are those located in low-lying areas, near water, or downstream from a dam.

Based on Floodsmart, a 2,000 square foot home undergoing 12inches of water damage could cost more than $50,000.

Never drive into a flooded roadway or drive through flowing water because just 2 feet of water can float a large vehicle and sway it away.

Sometimes, local emergency officers are able to tell if there is a possibility of flood during a rain or high tide at the shore. When this happens, they keep a close eye on events and inform the public about it. This is called a Flood Watch.

A flood warning is when an official announcement is given (by TV, Radio, Text Message or Phone, Email or other means) of an impending flood or an already flood that has already occurred. A flood warning instructs people to move to higher ground or take immediate precautions to avoid drowning or to minimize damage to property.

Levee: A manmade structure to contain or prevent water from moving past a certain point.

For those in higher-risk areas (Zones V and A), the cost of coverage depends on your home’s size, construction, location, and your deductible. According to FEMA, the average flood insurance policy costsabout $700 per year, but can vary wildly, depending on your home’s elevation.

The Average Cost of Water Damage Restoration. The national average price of water damage restoration is $2700, but the cost may vary depending on a number of factors.

Typical Costs

• The cost of water damage restoration is based on several factors. These include the size of the affected area, the extent of the damage, the materials and water type. There are three categories — the least expensive to clean up is category 1, which is clean water from a faucet or supply pipe. Category 2 is gray wastewater with minor contaminants, such as overflow from a dishwasher or washing machine. Category 3 is black water, containing sewage or other toxic debris.

• Fixing a small area of water damage in a ceiling due to a leaky roof can be $100-$300 to patch the sheet rock, or $30-$50 for do-it-yourself materials — not including the cost of fixing the roof and repainting the ceiling.

• Drying a flooded basement can cost $500-$10,000 or more, depending on the size of the basement, the depth of the flooding and the water type (clean, gray wastewater or black/toxic). See How Much Does a Flooded Basement Cost. Depending on where the appliance is located in the house, cleaning up after a faulty water heater, washing machine, dishwasher or air conditioner averages about $5,000, according to[1] .

• Damage from a burst water pipe can cost $5,000-$70,000 or more with an average insurance claim costing $15,000. See How Much Does a Burst Pipe Cost.

• If an entire house is flooded with storm water, the National Flood Insurance Program provides a flood damage simulator[2] to predict the total cost based on the height of the water. For 1-4 inches of water, the estimated cost is $7,800. For 9-12 inches, the estimate is $18,930. At 18 inches, the estimated cost is $26,285..

• Water damage might be covered by insurance. Flood insurance typically covers damage from a natural disaster, when outside water or mud overflows an otherwise dry house. Homeowners insurance does not cover floods, but may cover water damage caused by minor individualized disasters, such as a hailstorm smashing a window or a broken water pipe spewing water — as long as the problem wasn’t caused by a lack of standard maintenance. The Insurance Information Network of California discusses the difference between flood insurance and homeowners insurance[3] .

What should be included:

• A restoration company should follow the standards of care of either the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or the Restoration Industry Association[4] . A company representative will inspect and evaluate the affected area, often using water-sensing equipment such as probes and infrared tools to determine the source of the problem and the extent of the damage.

• Restoration includes pumping and drying the affected areas, and sanitizing and deodorizing as needed. The Blackmon Mooring company in Texas describes the basic steps of its water damage restoration process[5] .

• Before entering a house filled with standing water, turn off the power — but never turn the power off while standing in water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidelines for entering a flooded house[6] . describes how to clean up after a flood[7] .

• Wood, plaster and other materials absorb and retain water. They must be either dried and sanitized, or removed. explains how to repair a water-damaged wall[8] . describes how to repair water-damaged plaster[9] , drywall[10] and lath plaster[11] .

Additional costs:

• If the house and furnishings are not quickly dried and restored, there can be additional problems with mold or dry rot. See How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost and How Much Does Dry Rot Repair Cost.

• Installing a simple water alarm or a whole-house shut-off system can help prevent problems. Battery-operated units that sound an alarm when a sensor detects moisture can cost $10-$115. A system that shuts off the water to a single appliance if a leak is detected is $50-$150. Whole-house systems with a shot-off valve on the main water supply are about $500-$3,000.

Power Surge: Protecting your Home from Power Surges

Power Surge
Protecting your Home
from Power Surges

That hateful power surge is the cause of many losses at home, losses that might go from damaged appliances to fires!

Yes, one day you are just relaxing at the sofa, watching your favorite T.V program when a poltergeist scene is recreated: light from lams blinks, T.V signal is twisted…and it does not anything to do with aliens or spirits…it is just a power surge.

The worst part is not being perturbed in your relaxation moment; the worst part is all the money you need to invest in solving damages from that event. But fortunately, you can count with the professional services of Molina Rangel Public Adjuster.

Molina Rangel Public Adjuster is a firm that is specialized in the assistance of people who want to start claims at insurance companies.

Power outage can damage your equipments and might initiate fire that might destroy everything in your property.

You won’t spend that money if you have the right firm to represent you.

We have a vast experience in claims; those causes that seem to be lost are transformed into greater successful settlement.

You will overcome that bitter moment being accompanied by our specialists.

Call us for free assistance. We are for you 24/7.

To know something is wrong with the electricity at home does not require deep electrical knowledge but being aware of little details.

For instance, of you notice bulbs fade away and shine so bright, you might say “something is going on”.

And you are right! That is a power surge. Power surge is essentially the spike, an abnormal high voltage event in the current of your home’s electrical system.

It is really transient the wave of voltage, current or power (however it may be called); it usually lasts a thousand of a second…but that so brief moment provoke considerable damages at home and in the electrical appliances.

The spike of the voltage comes from an oversupply from the source of the electricity in your home, maybe from the principal supply or generator.

The raise of voltage cause what is called “an arc of electrical current” inside the appliance; that arc produces heat that damages the circuits and components of the appliance.  That event comes and goes, so no wonder why did your TV stop working!

It is really unbelievable so short is the time that it lasts and so damaging it is…technically, surges last for 50 microseconds.

In that short time, the surge might go over 6000 Volts and 3000Amps; and that is the surge that reaches your appliances, when in the United States, most homes use electrical power in the form of 120 volt, 60 hertz! Now you see it is not just “a blink” of the electricity?

Unfortunately, the voltage is never constant…current usually rises and falls like in a rhythmic wave.

Oscillation ranges from 0 to a peak voltage of 169 volts. For this oscillation, most of electrical appliances in the United States are already ready: they are designed especially resistant to that oscillation. But surges raise voltage of 169 volts.

How it happens?

Now, let’s try to understand the source of the power surges. Specialists attribute their origin to different sources.

Those sources are equipment faults, lighting discharges, capacitor bank building and load switching. In case of failure of equipments, if you have seen that an appliance does not work properly, you must fix it soon; lightning is out of your control, of course; the last two deal with proper maintenance and check-up. Try to hire electricians for regular maintenance.

The capacity of your utensils to resist the transient profoundly impact on the reliability.

Experts talk about different types of power surge, like internal and external. As internal, they define those happening at domestic, industrial and commercial environments; surges occurs when an appliance or motor is started up or shut off because this makes high currents flow and divert some of the electricity to and from other appliances or motors in the same circuit or place.

Basically, not many electrical types of equipment should be working at the same time! Big appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators are usually the most demanding but smaller appliances like hair driers can be damaging too.

The external power surges are “outside” the facility; for example, when a light strikes, it can travel to your house through the cable TV or satellite dish cable, the telephone lines or electrical service line; the contact of items over the electric power line such a tree, for example; or a short circuited small animal that got inside the transformer are usual external power surges.

Other common cause is the resume of power after an outage, or that coming from Cable TV of phone lines. Electricity is powerful and not controlling it, it is more.

Molina Rangel manage your claim from Power Surge

Insurance companies always advice people to install security devices to avoid accidents. They also try to get rid of some liabilities dealing with “lacking of regular maintenance”. But the main objective of Molina Rangel is to avoid this. We are experts. We know how to conduct the claim. Since the first contact, we will instruct you about the procedures and the best way to handle them. We take charge of everything: supervision, assistance, claim, settlement… you will replace damaged items and bring back the ideal state of your home with no worries or stress!

How power surge damage my home?

Electrical instability produces power surges that damage any kind of electrical appliances or fuses blowing.

Damages usually take time. Usually power surges are brief overvoltage disturbances or spikes that go beyond 10.000 volts; the disturbances damage little by little the electronic equipments, at home, in the office or in industrial facilities.

Power outage makes computer fails; cash register stop working or coffee makers broke!

Changes in surges level don’t damage the appliances instantly. Probably you won’t see fuses blowing or melting in front of your eyes, but the gradual degradation power surges bring, provoke that from time to time, your equipments get broken.

However, when power surge are large, surely you will see fuses blowing and melting, equipments sparking and inclusive electrical fires might start which comprise the highest level of risk of power surges!

Protecting your Home from Power Surges

Although power surges are absolutely unpredictable as well as tremendously damaging, there are some strategies that might be followed to protect your appliances from power surges:

Get protective devices SPDs. They limit the transitory voltage from getting the equipment, in consequence preventing damages to it. The surge is diverted to an alternative route towards the ground for instance, moving the excess of voltage away the equipment.  There is SPDs type metal oxide Varistor, Silicon Avalanche diode, or gas discharge tubes.  These components vary in their reliability, effectiveness, availability, energy capability, and cost.

SPD can work in awaiting mode or diverting mode. In awaiting mode, which is the normal condition, SPD performs minimal functions. In diverting mode, SPD diverts the damaging current away while reducing the voltage to a lower harmless level.

Other advice is a point-of-use surge protection device plus an effective grounding of the electrical equipment.

This can protect appliances from many electrical surges, because it diverts the surge to the ground. Some specialists prefer to integrate surge protective devices into the power supply design, using it as the power socket.

Other option is to use a surge protector at the service line entrance. This procedure protects the house from external surges.

Combining point-of-use devices with another device, such a service entrance surge protector or an electrical panel surge protector allow you to have protection from the most powerful surges. Installing service entrance surge protection devices mounted in or on your main electrical panel will provide a comprehensive protection to the whole electrical system.

This is suitable for everything! Particularly for those equipments that cannot be connected to a point-of-use device. This system can reduce the power surge to a lower level and it also protects from lightning strike.

All State Insurance Claims: What should I expect when filing a claim?

All State
Insurance Claims:

What should I expect when filing a claim?

In our everyday lives, we are subject to a series of challenges and setbacks that require our immediate attention.

These can range from having a simple affliction, like a cold or a checkup; roadside assistance, or more severe situations, such as natural disasters, material or personal loss. It is in cases like these, when we look for efficient and timely solutions, which is why we go to our trusted insurance companies to aid us in our time of need.

Allstate will help you recover and rebuild, not only to protect our present, but also to guarantee our future. Allstate services include auto, home, renters, life, condo, motorcycle, boat, and many more.

To get the most quality service out of the insurance company and to start any process regarding this, first it’s necessary to issue a claim, depending on the insurance need you may have.

In order to receive the most accurate assistance and response, your insurance company has put many tools at your disposal.

Visit to receive further information about their policies and services. Also, by installing the Allstate Mobile App, you’ll be able to create and account and become a part of the Allstate family.

Have 24/7 access to insurance agents by calling 1-800-ALLSTATE. Some claims are handled differently, so make sure to check from the available list of contacts: For life claims, 1-800-366-3495; for annuity claims, 1-877-499-6418; for other claims, go online and contact the corresponding agents.

As simple and effortless as it may seem, many things can go wrong when filing your claim.

Any missed detail or important piece of evidence or information, might seriously influence the outcome of your claim, and your insurance company might and will deny it.

At Molina Rangel, we deeply empathize with your situation, and we understand that it brings you and your loved ones a great deal of stress. We have trained a great team of public adjusters, with an impressive track record in successful claims filed with this company.

We are more than happy to aid you in this time, and help you reach your desired goal. For this, it’s imperative you follow some indications when filing a claim is needed.

The priority during an incident is to remain calm and decide what the best solution to the mishap is.

You need to evaluate the situation: check for injuries on yourself or anyone around you, determine if there are immediate threats to your life and others’ lives, decide if further loss of property can be prevented, verify and record the current state of the property, and call emergency services if applicable (ambulance, police or fire department).

Provided you were on the road and you were struck by another car, the first thing to do is checking for injuries.

In any collision you should not move your car by yourself, unless it is a direct threat to your life or some else’s.

Calling an ambulance and the police department depending on the severity of the situation is always a good idea. In fact, some states require you to file a police report along with any insurance claims you may have.

In case of a water leak, the presence of mold in your house or some other incidents that do not represent a drastic and sudden threat, the approach will be different. The sooner you report the incident the better. Something similar may happen with natural disasters such as floods, strong winds, hail, and hurricanes. Keeping a record of everything that was damaged, the value and proof of existence will be highly useful in your claim.

Even if it is not mandatory, having an official police report will strengthen your case further ahead. For a fender bender and a big crash alike, the official statement is always helpful. If there are any fluid leaks or sparks, you should keep a fire extinguisher at hand and make use of it at the presence of fire.

Calling the fire department is helpful in case of fire or if the doors are jammed and you cannot exit the vehicle.

While in your house, the approach can be similar in the event of a fire. Getting to safety and calling the authorities is mandatory. If you have the means to extinguish the fire and it has not spread too far, you can try to put it out.

Yet, think of the repercussions you may suffer from inhaling smoke in the long term. If this is the case, you need to report so in your claim as it will show that you actively participated in the prevention of the calamity.

What should I expect when filing a claim?

For you as a costumer, it is very important to keep track of everything related not only to your accident or setback, but also to every claim-related detail. Once a claim has been filed, it generates a number which will help you keep track of the process. MAKE SURE TO WRITE IT DOWN. Be sure to provide every single detail, since your case will be thoroughly investigated to assess your loss. Please provide all the needed assistance.

The insurance company, after having evaluated your case and determined the extent of loss or damage, will provide you with an estimate to be settled and paid, based on your insurance company’s policies. You need to keep all of this information organized. Your insurance company may contact you at any given moment prior to the final payout, in order to adjust the final amount to be paid.

What should I do to prevent higher premiums?

Insurance companies try to avoid paying as much money as possible. Whenever you file a claim, the insurer will see it as a potential danger to their financial interests. Asking for your policy money is your right, but you need to bear in mind low-cost repairs will cause more nuisance if they are filed through your insurance company than what it will solve. Having a high deductible will prevent you from filing claims so often and also you can get potential discounts as the insurance company will see you as a low-risk client.

Allstate even allows you to purchase accident forgiveness if you are eligible for the option. Even if you are at-fault, your rates will not increase and you will be able to continue using your insurance normally. If you consider you are a good driver with a clean driving record, this option should not be taken.

Why should I hire a public adjuster?

Here at Molina Rangel, our main interest is to have our customers receive a fair and just treatment, when it comes to facing setbacks or catstrophes. We understand that no one wants to be involved in harm-bringing situations, so we have decided and taken it upon ourselves to help you receive the best retribution, helping you get back on your feet as soon as possible. Our team of trained professionals will review your case, presenting you with the best options to optimize your renumeration.

At the moment of tragedy, you as the affected party may have a hard time processing insurance information, as your head is busy dealing with your current affair. This may impair your ability to give detail or provide necessary information that may end up having your file claimed. We promise to provide most efficient attention, and know how difficult it is to be in need of something, and be denied of it. Wait no longer, contact our agents to receive quality treatment, and a more than fair resolve. Your well-being is important to us.

State farm insurance claims: How do I file a claim?

State Farm
insurance claims:

How do I file a claim?

As human beings, we all live at risk. A risk not only represents the possibility to be harmed in any way but the existence of an uncertain event that does not depend exclusively on the will of the policyholder, the insured or the beneficiary.

The materialization of a risk is always present, undermining our society, family and friends. To protect themselves from risks, people pay for insurance policies.

An insurance policy is nothing but a pact, a contract that forces a company, through the payment of a fee by the insured, to compensate covered and clearly stated damage produced by a third party to the policyholder and any person under contract by extension.

Different companies around the world offer insurance policies. One of the largest and wealthiest insurance companies is called State Farm Insurance, located in Bloomington, Illinois.

However, being a wealthy and large company does not necessarily mean an efficient service.

State Farm Insurance is a worldwide famous insurance company for the wrong reasons. State Farm Insurance is often accused of not fulfilling contracts. Furthermore, many customers believe that the company intends not to pay as many claims a possible.

A claim occurs when the affected party requires its counterpart to fulfill the contract signed. However, it is common for many companies to try to cancel or limit the claim to increase their profits. State Farm Insurance appears to be one of these obscure companies.

Customers of State Farm Insurance report how hard it is to communicate with the company when needed. They use computers to handle incomings calls and promise to call back immediately, which just does not happen. It seems to be a traumatic and frustrating experience.

  • Call MolinaRangel to guide you and walk you along the whole process.
  • Keep calmed: before calling the insurance company, make sure not lose your temper and avoid anger or nervous attacks, check the obvious physical and physical damage, get safe, call for help immediately and, if there is any injured, call emergency services.
  • Get information: register all necessary data correctly and have MolinaRangel review it with you. Remember to include every aspect involved, as well as identifications and a brief description of the accident.
  • Contact State Farm Insurance: keep your insurance policy around you and call the State Farm not only to report the accident but to be in touch and keep a track of requirements they will ask you to meet.

Keep in mind that you can also request for the assistance you have contracted in your accident insurance, such as housing or transportation services. Review the general and particular conditions of the insurance contract and enforce all the rights granted to you with the help of MolinaRangel.

  • Formally present the claim: as State Farm Insurance will require, you must submit a claim statement as soon as possible, accompanied by the original certificate issued by the Police Station with the details of the accident.

Additionally, depending on the damage, you must attach any valid information required. Thus, in the case of compulsory insurance, if there has been any death, you must accompany the death certificate of the victim and the documents that accredit his affiliation with the beneficiaries. If there were injuries, proof of payment of medical expenses and, if any disability occurs, the corresponding medical certificate with the degree and nature of the disability.

    • Wait for Payment terms: once the claim is filed, State Farm Insurance should pay the compensation to the beneficiaries within ten (10) days. In the case of damage to the vehicle, you must send an expert to evaluate them and authorize the repair in the workshop that you choose (which you can also select from a list that State Farm Insurance provides you). Remember that, in addition to material damages and injuries, it is possible to claim, depending on the policy of your accident insurance, the loss of wages and emotional suffering.

After receiving your initial claim, with MolinaRangel holding your back, State Farm Insurance will:

  • Open a file: after learning about the incident, State Farm Insurance will open a file to which all the information and data obtained in the process is subsequently incorporated.
  • Assess the accident: at the same time the file is opened, the insurer of State Farm Insurance will set a first assessment of the cost.
  • Investigate your case: along with the first check, the insurer of State Farm Insurance intends to know if the operation should continue until the end of the claiming management or just terminate the process.

During this step, the State Farm Insurance may adopt any of these three decisions:

  • The loss is not covered: the refusal is reported.
  • It is a clear situation of insurance coverage. proceeds to indemnify the insured and close the file.
  • If the case presents complexities, it must continue with the processing of the incident.
  • Contact a proficient: the proficient is a professional expert in the field to whom State Farm Insurance entrusts the task of assessing the consequences of the accident and analyzing its possible causes. The decision of State Farm Insurance about the acceptance or not of the loss depends to a large extent on the report that the proficient provides.
  • Set an answer to your claim: once investigation is completely fulfilled, the cost of the accident has been assessed and the compensation estimated (if applicable) has been fixed, State Farm Insurance will adopt one of the following decisions:
  • Pay the corresponding compensation or benefit.
  • Pay the indemnity and cancel the insurance contract when it expires. It is a legal possibility and, therefore, can be applied to all policies. In some cases, the contract is terminated by decision of State Farm Insurance.

However, it is also possible for the insured to finish the contract. Sometimes, the contract might expire by itself when the risk or object to protect disappears (for example, a travelling insurance finishes as soon as the travelling ends).

  • Refuse to pay compensation: occurs when State Farm Insurance is certain that the loss can be rejected in accordance with the conditions of the policy. State Farm Insurance must provide solid evidence that leads the company to make this decision and communicate it to the insured.

As previously stated, State Farm Insurance avoids paying valid claims when possible. Even if your claim is right, State Farm Insurance may reject it in order to save money.

For this reason, MolinaRangel will assist you to:

  • Estimate existing insurance policies in order to set a valid claim.
  • Explore, detail, and record any damage dealt to your property.
  • Calculate the interruption of your activities and ask for retribution.
  • Set values for covered damage.
  • Prepare, record and support your claim.
  • Negotiate a settlement in your favor with State Farm Insurance.
  • Re-open a claim and agree for more money if a discrepancy is found after the claim has been settled.

MolinaRangel knows the way State Farm Insurance works. As result, MolinaRangel is fully qualified to face State Farm Insurance and make your claim as valid and true as it should.

Farmers insurance claims: How do I file a claim?

insurance claims:

How do I file a claim?

Insurance is intended to cover most risks when transferring them to an insurer that will be responsible for guaranteeing or compensating all or part of the damage caused by the appearance of certain accidental situations.

An insurance is an effective way for coverage that involves paying a certain amount of money for a benefit or future compensation in case an adverse situation arises, which in some cases, may be extreme.

Insurances are offered by companies. Insurance companies are companies which job consist in selling insurance policies. They usually provide their services to institutions or individuals.

One of its main functions is to offer protection against unforeseen circumstances that could represent a significant monetary loss for the insured.

When a problem arises that puts the insured or his assets at risk, the company offers the insured an amount of money previously fixed in case of damage or loss of property or good.

If the requirements demanded by the company are met, the money previously set will be paid to the insured in the way that both parties agreed. However, when it comes to paying the money owed to the insured, some companies have higher requirements than others.

Farmers Insurance Group is a 400-billion-dollar company serving in America since 1928. They are one of the largest Insurances companies in the country.

Farmers Insurances cover claims from vehicles to homes, small businesses and many financial services as well. However, despite offering to cover losses when the unexpected happens, the company has become famous for finding ways to make difficult for its insured to collect a claim.

A claim is a legal demand or assertion executed by a claimant in order to obtain some kind of compensation, payment, or reimbursement for a loss, injury due to negligence or damage under a contract with an insurance company.

It should be noted that, under a contract, a claim becomes a right, providing the claimer the possibility to demand for a relief. However, some companies intend not to fulfil a signed contract and, under not always clear circumstances, they attempt to ignore rightfully claims when possible, as they grow larger.

In this sense, Farmers Insurance Group has become the third-largest insurance company in the United States. Millions of people contract Insurance policies from Farmers Insurance every year.

Farmers insurance earns billions of dollars in revenue each year. Nevertheless, most of their success is said to come from their limiting claims agreements.

In order to obtain a payout from Farmers Insurance, a litigation is needed. When in need to file a claim with Farmers Insurance, you should contact MolinaRangel to discuss the event and any possible injury the insured might present.

Before filing a claim with Farmers Insurance, you must contact MolinaRangel in order to:

Depending on the type of insurance, different type of documentation will be required when contacting Farmers Insurance. in some cases, it is necessary to request certain procedures before making the claim. Keep in mind that Farmers Insurance might require for certificates, receipts, vouchers or reports even when not needed.

In case you cannot present these documents directly, it is possible to delegate these procedures to a third party through a simple attorney service.

Report the incident

Each policy determines the procedure to follow to report an accident. Conditions and deadlines that must be respected are clearly stated. It is also essential to present a settlement report as soon as possible.

If the policy was brokered by an insurance broker, it is very important to contact the insurance broker to be of assistance during the whole process.

The management of the event will be handled by the insurance company or an external company (in case there is opposition for it to be the same company). The party assuming the responsibility will have three (03) business days to contact the insured (from the day the complaint is the complaint) in order to communicate who will be in charge.

Make the necessary arrangements and provide additional background

Either the insurance company or a hired third party, must inform the insured about the steps that must be taken and the additional background necessary to settle the claim. It is also necessary to review the needed procedure for an accident that is included in the hired insurance policy, which will indicate the actions and deadlines for submitting documentation.

Final settlement report

The insurance company or the hired third party must issue a report within the corresponding period of time according to the contracted policy. That period of time may be postponed only in justified cases; however, it must be communicated to the insured and also to the Commission for the Financial Market (CFM), which may invalidate the extension and set a new deadline for the delivery of this report.

The settlement report will be sent to both, the insured and the insurer. This document will include a technical opinion that justifies the payment or not of the compensation, as well as the amount and parameters that were used to make the determination.

Accept or reject the decision

After receiving the settlement report, both the insured and the insurance company, will have ten (10) employees to contest it if they do not agree. In case the insurance company made the report, only the insured can exercise this right.

If there is a dispute, the third party hired may respond within a period of six (6) working days. If after that period of time there is still no agreement regarding every different point on the report, the insurer must notify the final resolution of the claim in maximum period of time of five (5) business days. If accepted, the compensation payment must be made within six (6) days after the resolution is notified.

Farmers Insurance (as many insurance companies) will always attempt to wrongfully deny or limit a valid claim in order to save money. Furthermore, they will save money by using a software to evaluate injury claims.

Using a software to evaluate claims will generate failed claims and reduced payments. In addition, it is to be noted that Farmers Insurance has faced countless lawsuits for avoiding to fulfill what they promised to do, cover the insured in times of need.

Farmers Insurance has even faced government sanctions for refusing to pay valid claims to insured.

For this reason, tt is not only wrong but irresponsible to assume that Farmers Insurance will provide the insured with a fair offer according to the insurance policy.

Making a claim does not guarantee Farmers Insure will fulfil what they stated they would. MolinaRangel understand how Farmers Insurance operate.

MolinaRangel will always know how to prove true your claims to increase the amount of settlement received.

Before presenting a claim, consult MolinaRangel to inform yourself about how to deal with Farmers Insurance.

You should always remember that insurance companies, like Farmers Insurance, often have policies to reject a valid claim, reduce payouts when possible and increase their profit. To beat Farmers Insurance in their own game, you must contact MolinaRangel.

MolinaRangel will assist and guide you through the whole process of dealing with an insurance company. Let MolinaRangel protect your rights. Call MolinaRangel today.

American Family Insurance Claims – How to File and Get Paid?

American Family
Insurance Claims

How to File and Get Paid?

Insurance Policy. It is a contract, it covers expenses of future accidents.

The Insured is a party. It pays a certain amount to the insurance company.

To receive any amount from the company. The insured must present a claim.

The insurance claim’s purpose is. To repay an insured when a loss happens.

It can be done by a person or group that pays premiums.

Because it is stated in the contract.

The insurance policy between both parties.

It is called the insured party and the company carrier to do so.

  • Medical services.
  • Goods.
  • Physical damage.
  • Liabilities.
  • Vehicle incidents.
  • Property damage.
  • Loss of life.
  • Etc…

Am Fam Insurance is a company focused on:

  • Property.
  • Casualty.
  • Vehicles or auto.

They can be hired by a person or in a bundle.

Other services offered
by them are:

  • Commercial.
  • Life.
  • Health.
  • Home.
  • IRAS.

Their prices, in comparison, are lower than some of the major brands. Their services suffer from several complaints every year.

Some persons say that. “Their prices are high for the coverage they offer”.

With 92 years of experience. One would expect HQ service; most of the time, this is not the case.

Only the insured is allowed to make claims for payments.

In case of the process presents problems. A third party can file claims on behalf of the insured.

This company is dealing with home and casualty claims. When it comes to the system. Every valid report must be sent to a rep of the insurer.

Adjusters, depending type of claim:

  • Inspects and revies all the damages.
  • Estimates the payment that must be paid to the insured.
  • Upon revision of the accident. The Adjuster begins the process of the payment.

Depending on the scale of the damage suffered by the insured or property. Am Fam Insurance might have to take some extra measures.

Most of the time, these measures consist of:

  • Making necessary provisional repairs.
  • The insured must take the required precautions.
  • It’s required to protect any property from further damage.
  • Keep the receipts of the spent incurred.
  • You need to deliver it to the insurance.

Bear in mind that the costs incurred during these repairs:

  • Are part of the total settlement to reimburse the insured.
  • Don’t Pay a large sum of money to contractors.
  • Make any repairs that may end up exhausting the available funds.

Keep an eye, these tips may be needed during the final repair process.

When in need of temporary repairs, follow these tips:

If moving out of the home while it repaired cannot be avoided. Please keep receipts of the expenses incurred.

HO policies provide coverage for:

  • Any living expenses.
  • Maintenance incurred due to the loss of use of the home of the insured.

As long as the damage was caused by an accident. The policy must comply with the coverage.

Have all ready for the inspection from the carrier. The insurer may send a form known as “proof of loss”. You must fill it as soon as possible. They will send an expert to visit the affected property. The Appraiser is not always impartial when dealing with Insurance claims. This person is an expert and will determine the damages and it costs. In both cases, the more information at hand about the losses. The faster claim will be processed and paid.

In case of non expected or non desired events covered by your company. You should waste no time and call us to:

We recommend:

  • Notify the occurrence to the company.
  • Keep the contact number of your carrier.
  • In case of emergency contact 911.

Sign and fill all the documents given by the insurer.

Depending on the nature of your claim, other requirements might be needed:

  • Police reports.
  • Medical reports.
  • Inventory of the lost goods.

These documents are in the policy. You can find it on the web of the carrier.

Do a review along with an agent from the company. Show him the papers delivered in the previous step.

Errors tend to happen in these steps.
The company must return them until everyone is filled right.
Describe and explain what happened is necessary.

RESULTS: Receive the benefits paid.

When filing the claim:

  • An adjuster will evaluate de damages of the claim.
  • The Adjuster must confirm the information given.
  • Keep your eyes open for these steps.
  • Let us handle it for you.

If Molina Rangel is on your side. Payment will be received according to the policy. We review the extension of your insurance.

People who tried to file a claim without Molina Rangel’s guidance. Describe how the adjusters:

  • Do not answer phone calls.
  • They don’t answer their SMS.
  • They provide misleading information while attending the insured.
  • They show poor communication.

This is an essential factor for these carriers. Probably to cause the client to frustrate, and not filing the claim. In these cases, the intervention of a third party becomes necessary.

As a third party Molina Rangel:

  • Stands up by your side.
  • Makes your claim reach the company agents.
  • Even if they are trying to hide.

A common complaint against Am Fam Insurance states that:

  • They calculate the cost of the damages for a lower value than standards.
  • They could even go as far as denying the damage to your property.

American Family Insurance will attempt every strategy for. Trying not to pay the insured and increase their profits.

You can count on Molina Rangel adjusters:

  • If you feel the damage suffered by your property is higher.
  • The company is reporting low payments.
  • To make a re-inspection.
  • Calculate the real cost of the damage.
  • Execute your claim to get full settle for the damage suffered.

When dealing with a car accident:

Am Fam Insurance is accused of:

  • Suing second hand or junk parts for repair.

Some customers even confirm that:

  • The adjusters try to convince them to use second-hand parts.
  • Try to repair cheap.
  • Try to force them to take your car to their allied body shops.

To ensure HQ work on your vehicle. Please contact us. We take care of your claim and receive the best deal and parts for your car.

Gain peace of mind. Insurance has become a useful service today. But, insurance policy makes no sense if you are not able to claim it.

To prevent yourself from being exposed to:

  • The constant danger with no coverage or guarantee.
  • The insurance is covering your back.

To discover your benefits on Am Fam Insurance Company:

  • Go to Am Fam Website.
  • Click on create my account.
  • Get your account for 24/7 access.

In your account access you can:

  • Get a quote for auto insurance coverages.
  • Find the right coverage.
  • Get coverage for your car.
  • Created an account sign.
  • Find and drive the better discount.
  • Find your claims in your account.
  • Look for popular searches.
  • Get a discount that you can earn.
  • Get a discount when you sign.
  • Access to your claim.
  • Read about safe habits.

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